Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Civil War Coming to America?

Obama is ahead in the polls, what happens when he wins? How will this crowd react? Look at face of the man in flag tie when he is asked a question? It is the face of pure hatred. Cons talk about Liberals the way they used to talk about Commies. And who knew that being labeled a "European Socialist" was an insult?

Are the people who support Sarah Palin any different? No, the crowd of Palin supporters in the video below represents the absolute worst of America, the bottom feeders, the creationists, haters, bigots, and maniacs. What struck me is the obvious lack of intellect of the people in the video. I wonder how many in that mob could actually define the word "terrorist" let alone "socialism"? There have always been idiots and yahoos in politics, what's new is the way the Palin/McCain ticket is pandering to them in an apparent attempt to create the conditions for social unrest in America. The title for this post is deliberately provocative, but it is a genuine possibility. Given the apparent seething, roiling hatred we see in this video, I cannot see Obama having any success in his presidency. It is obvious that from the day he takes office he will be under constant vicious attack from people that I can only describe as genuine enemies, not political foes, not opponents, but enemies. The only question is when will the real violence begin?


I didn't think it could much worse than the hatred and stupidity evinced in the videos above, but it gets worse... The only other question I have, is why do we have to hear about this stuff from Al Jazeera and not CNN?


Greg Guma said...

Incredible video! Thanks for posting it -- and the provocative headline. Plus, my article on Bugliosi and Vermont. We are certainly in the midst of volatile and potentially polarizing times. Still, there is hope. For more on media and politics, please visit

Gary_7vn said...

Thanks Greg. Yes, it is a "provocative" headline. But I am not trying to be provocative, not in the political, activist sense anyway. America truly is on edge of a dark and dangerous precipice. Look at these videos and what it has come down to, two sides, two solitudes as we say here in "socialist" Canada shouting mindless hateful slogans at each other.

I suppose there is hope Greg, there is always hope, even in the cell of the condemned man. But is it rational hope? And if so what is the intellectual and political basis for that hope? Obama? I don't think Obama is a terrorist or supports terrorism, that's nuts. But he is, to his core, an establishment candidate. He wants to wind down the war in Iraq and ramp it up in Afghanistan. He says it is now the "central front in the war on terrorism" but offers no rationale as to why that is, or how, exactly the war in Afghanistan will end terrorism! Is there hope for peace when the man who is almost certainly going to be the next president buys into nonsensical wars on a tactic (terrorism)?

Is there hope when Obama says he will continue to attack and kill people in Pakistan, a country that is not at war with the United States, simply in order to "kill" Bin Laden? And why "kill" Bin Laden? Whatever happened to capture and try? Does he have so little understanding of the culture and religion of the enemy (and to most Americans, and certainly your government that enemy is Islam) that he does not understand that killing Bin Laden will actually elevate him further, it will make him a shaheed, a martyr?

No, the only hope for America and the world is that things will become so bad in America, economically, politically, and militarily, that someday America will, and I hate to use this phrase, "wake up" and look at themselves in the mirror and ask, "Why do they hate us?" and then actually listen when the world answers.