Sunday, October 19, 2008

How in hell is it that Powell's endorsement means anything to anyone?

Here's a guy who's been sticking his finger in the wind to find the source of power for decades and then blowing with it. He helped cover up the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, and then was absolutely instrumental in lying America into a war that will go down in history as being even more stupid and pointless than Vietnam. People like Powell are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

This is the guy who was waving bottles of fake anthrax around at the UN - remember that? This is the guy who was showing the world pictures of Iraqi mobile bio-labs that we know now (and he knew then) were completely made up!

So he is endorsing Obama? In a rational sane America, that would be a bad thing. Who's next? Rumsfeld? Chtheny? Charlie Manson?

It's doublethink of the worst sort. Bush and his crime family are now rightly denigrated for the invasion of Iraq, but somehow Powell escapes the calumny if not blame and then goes on to be seen as some kind of elder statesman, whom you look to for leadership! I find this wrong.

Oh, I know, Powell is really a good man and just did those things because he had to, while he actually worked behind the scenes for good. Just as Obama is excused or even applauded for idiotic and counterproductive statements like saying he would bomb Pakistan, and wants to ramp up, what I guarantee you, is an ANOTHER unwinnable war in Afghanistan because we somehow think he actually has good intentions and is lying just so he can win and then turn into the messiah.

For those who think that an endorsement from that man is a good thing; go ahead and crow over the endorsement of a despicable lackey, serial liar, and war criminal if you like. I just hope you all really enjoy the escalation of the war in Afghanistan and the promised bombing of Pakistan.

For the record I support Obama, but only as the lesser evil.

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TiradeFaction said...

I always found it odd myself that Colin Powell has escaped any of the Bush criticisms, when he was instrumental in starting much of his shit to begin with! By the way, fuck the lesser of the evils, you always come up with less and always get evil.