Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bush may be Indicted for Murder in Vermont

Charlotte Dennett is running for state Attorney General in Vermont. If she wins she will appoint Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor to prosecute George Walker Bush with multiple homicides. Bugliosi is best known for his successful prosecution of Charles Manson for murder. Since then he has successfully prosecuted 26 murders and has gotten convictions on a 105 out of 106 felonies. On Mike Malloy tonight he said that believes that he can win this case as well. Let's hope he's correct.

Click here to visit her site.


loretta said...

I'm in the middle of reading Bugliosi's book about prosecuting GWBush and it's riveting. Even though I'm already familiar with most of the evidence he argues, it's still a breathtaking analysis.

This would be remarkable if he got a chance to prosecute.

Gary_7vn said...

Thanks for your post Loretta.

Bush may be gone, but it's not too late to prosecute; the movement to prosecute Bush is big and getting bigger. Glenn Greenwald at Salon has written about this issue extensively. Please have a look at his blog Unclaimed Territory at Forbes just listed him number 18 on their list of the 25 most influential Liberals in America. Even Chris Matthews is demanding justice. Which is more than Bush's many victims got.

loretta said...

Oh, I've been a big fan of Glenn's for over a year. I'm not too thrilled with the Forbes' list, though. HA! MoDo. As if.