Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pigman Goes too Far!

Wow, Limbaugh has gone too far this time, he is "dreaming" of riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Limbaugh, aka The Pigman, is telling his listeners that if Hilary wins there should be riots. He wants riots.

The great Mike Malloy over at Nova m is asking his listeners to write, email, and phone the FCC to complain. We all know it probably won't don't any good because Limbaugh has a special pass from the bushies, but hey, we have to try.

Have a look and listen, this guy is going for a repeat of 68. This is how the Rwanda genocide started, this is how civil wars start. He has to be stopped.

Click here to listen the Malloy over at Nova M:
9PM EST - Monday to Friday

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hilary is NOT Lying about Bosnia and Snipers

I don't like Hilary. I see her as yet another corporatist candidate who will not only not end the war, but start new ones on behalf of the oligarchy for whom she toils. Obama is probably the same, don't expect much (like a quick end to the occupation of Iraq) and you will be happy with him.

I say that I don't like Hilary because I want to defend her. She was not lying when she "misspoke" about landing under fire in Bosnia. Hilary knows, very very well, that everything she says gets fact checked, so when she told that story it seems probable that she did not realize that that the "incident" never happened.

More likely she confabulated the memory. No doubt she was told repeatedly that the trip was dangerous and received lots of warnings about how she might come under sniper fire, etc. Over time these warnings, and her memories, melded into a false narrative -- this phenomenon is called confabulation. Confabulation is common, we all do it, most of us don't get caught.

Hilary subconsciously wanted to make herself the hero, and over time, in her own mind at least, she was. She confabulated. She did not lie.

John Dean got caught too. See the link...