Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pigman Goes too Far!

Wow, Limbaugh has gone too far this time, he is "dreaming" of riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Limbaugh, aka The Pigman, is telling his listeners that if Hilary wins there should be riots. He wants riots.

The great Mike Malloy over at Nova m is asking his listeners to write, email, and phone the FCC to complain. We all know it probably won't don't any good because Limbaugh has a special pass from the bushies, but hey, we have to try.

Have a look and listen, this guy is going for a repeat of 68. This is how the Rwanda genocide started, this is how civil wars start. He has to be stopped.

Click here to listen the Malloy over at Nova M:
9PM EST - Monday to Friday


Anonymous said...

Wow, Rush said that? Really? Fact check time amigo.
Doesn't that guy have an entertainment show? What is Al Franken doing? That's right, he isn't.

Gary_7vn said...

He said that. I have no idea what Al Franken is saying. These are separate issues. What Franken says or does not say has no connection to what Limbaugh says.

Thanks for commenting!