Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Long War

Lots has happened since I last posted. The short blog is that it's not getting better, but worse. How? Bush has admitted the spies on Americans, which is illegal and unconstitutional, but he can do it because he is the King! (argument simplified so Republicans can understand it)

So why did Bush 43 choose this time to announce his illegal activities, and then declare them legal? Not because he was worried about getting in trouble. Those kind of thoughts never occur to him. No, he did it now because all the pieces are in place for a coup. Through threats, intimidation, bribery, and the West's seemingly inate fear of the Muslim menace (helped along by maniacal comments from Iranian politicians) Bush has a UN ready to declare Iran a menace to Israel, sorry I meant a menace to the world. He has his men in place at the Supreme Court, he has admitted spying, torture, and nothing happened. No one spoke out. John Kerry was recently asked on Air America Radio if the election was stolen. His reply? "I don't want to revisit the past...".

So he has his cowed terrified country, he has the legislative branch, he has the Supreme Court, and now he has the UN. Perhaps it is now time to make the tax cuts permanent so to speak by invading Iran and in the ensuing fear and confusion, making the announcement: "My fellow Americans, I wish to announce today that it is with great regret that I am suspending the constitution and postponing the election. The threat to America today is too great to risk changing horses in mid-stream. We have information that Islamo-fascist elements are in the United States and that they may be armed with with nuclear weapons, anthrax and chemical weapons."

You get my drift. It's very bad news I am afraid. It is pretty clear from their actions that the US has made a decision at a very deep level for world control; not of your parliament, but of your resources. Is their any hope? No. Not unless the American people rouse themselves from their long slumber and throw off the dictatorship of the Bush family. This will not happen, not as long as Bush is in control of the most powerful and effective mind control apparatus in the history of the world.