Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Pot Madness in Canada

Four Mounties are dead, and one really mean crazed loner has checked out - in what The Guardian' s Canadian stringer, Anne McIlroy, called a "plantation" raid gone bad. Canada, it's politicians, and the corporate press; are currently roiling about in a frenzy of speculation and hysteria about the evil hairy bud, in the throes of American style Reefer Madness! In the last few days, I have even heard suggestions that we start preventative detentions for those the government deems dangerous. Scary stuff.

Marijuana makes you stupid...

It was the grow ops fault, claimed Canada's top cop - Anne Mcllelan, in a stupifyingly opportunistic and disgusting press conference. It was sickening and maddening to watch as she used this tragedy to promote her archaic and out-of-touch with the public agenda of cracking down on grow ops. This just the day after these poor devils lives were thrown away - all to catch a guy with some marijuana plants!

She even said marijuana is a gateway drug! This would be hilarious if it was not so serious. Is she that out of touch, that delusional? I wonder... does Ms. Mcllelan even believe in evolution? Is she a Scientologist? No one says marijuana is a gateway drug anymore except Americans! Unsusprisingly Mcllelan has used her confrere John Ashcrofts methods in attempt to bully, manipulate and terrorise the public with the old bugbear - organised crime. How can anyone with a functioning mind not see that it is prohibition that raises the price - which in turn attracts organised crime? Sure the Angels have their hand in; but a lot of the trade in Canada is actually small growers producing 10 - 30 lbs a year for themselves and a few customers - all this without any Harleys or assault weapons in sight. Anne must be made to admit that legal marijuana doesn't need to be booby-trapped or guarded with assault weapons, because legal marijuana is about as valuable as parsley.

I smell another call from Paul Celluci - the man former External Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy recently called - the "Governor of the Northern Territories." Ms. Mcllelan even went so far as to make anti-democratic remarks in a fascistic edict to our independent judiciary, "We are putting the onus on the courts -- the judiciary, in a sense -- to take this crime seriously," Ms. McLellan said at a Liberal policy convention in Ottawa. It's shocking that our Public Security Minister is slipping on the jackboots to issue diktats to our "independent" judiciary, and not a word from the corpporate media, or even Stephen Harper - the leader of the loyal opposition.

How many hectares was that "plantation" anyway?

The plantation was 20 plants according to Irwin Cotler, Canada's Justice Minister (and good friend of Alan "torture warrant" Dershowitz) - at least that's what he told the Liberals at their recent convention, "We can't start saying that if it's 50 plants it's a grow-op problem and if it's 20 plants it's not a grow-op problem."

And I say: if it's 50 idiots who think it is a gateway drug or 20 idiots, it's not a gateway problem, it's an idiot problem.

Any mans death diminishes us; senseless pointless deaths perhaps most of all - the spectacle of our government asking, nay insisting, that good men die - for nothing - must end now.

Change the law. Canadians know that it was madness, bad laws; and now we hear poor planning, that killed the Mounties, not marijuana.