Thursday, May 01, 2008

Attack on Iran - Update

More bad news I am afraid. The attack on Iran is still on.

Yes, we've been on about an attack on Iran for a year or more, but the clouds of war are gathering again- this time darker and thicker than before. Gates has just ordered another carrier group to the Persian Gulf. What's different is that in the past they always said it was a normal rotation, but this time, this time, Gates is quite explicit, it is a warning to Iran to back off. Which would be fine if there was anything for Iran to back off from. There isn't of course, so no matter what they do, they can't win. "Later this week Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is expected to confront the Iranians with evidence of their meddling and demand a halt. If that doesn't produce results, the State Department has begun drafting an ultimatum that would tell the Iranians to knock it off - or else."

I keep asking myself why they are doing this? There are no easy answers. A lot of people would say Israel, but that is wrong. Israel/America is not worried about Iran. Iran is not, and can never be, an existential threat to Israel. Oh, Israel will benefit, but the real goal is oil, and the real loser will be China. The strategic thinkers know that China is the real enemy. China is breathing down America's neck, not militarily, but economically. Anyone with a calculator can see that America is sinking and China is rising quickly.

So what to do, what to do? The answer is simple really, control the oil. All of it. Forever. This is going to be shock and awe to the nth degree. The plan is to hit them and hit them so hard, that even the toughest fighters will be rocked back on their heels as they watch the slaughter.

I think that the plan is to destroy, then control, the whole middle east, take the oil, and crush the Muslims, as Admiral Fallon said, "like ants".

If you think this sounds bad, it gets worse. When the blow back comes and it will - you will be confronting an enraged, embittered and determined enemy, who will attack with a never before seen fervor. Bush will declare a national emergency, NSPD 51 will kick in, and that's the end of democracy in America.

America gets the oil, the people will be happy, Israel will have a free hand with the Palestinians, and China will be told they are back to being a branch plant. Oh, and Bush and Cheney get to avoid the war crimes trial.