Monday, October 12, 2009

For those of you how believe Obama will get rid of nukes or something... Onward to Mars!

It's an absolutely hilarious idea. Obama is going to get rid of nukes! When? How?

Remember when someone told Bush that Mars was a planet, and that people could go there, and he said that sounded swell, and that America should go! This is like that. Bullshit.

A lofty sounding "goal" for the proles to chew on. Nothing more.

Of course the irony, the cosmic irony, is that contrary to popular belief, nuclear weapons actually do prevent war! Does anyone here doubt that WWIII would not have broken out over: Korea, Suez, Vietnam, Cuba, etc if it were not for the fact that had the central actors actually had gone at one another, we'd all be dead? Why has North Korea not been attacked? Nuclear weapons! Why did America not attack China? Yup. Why did America not attack Russia? Same reason!

WWII is pretty good proof that we did not need nukes to wipe out civilization. The most deaths caused by bombing were not at Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the most deaths caused by bombing were at Dresden, and Tokyo. Today, we can kill much better than that, a global war, even without nuclear weapons would easily destroy billions of lives, not to mention our environment.

No, nuclear weapons have prevented, not once but many times the utter destruction of the Earth. Obama probably does not know this, but it doesn't matter because he is entirely insincere about eliminating nuclear weapons. It's impossible for a dozen good reasons, and that he does know.

If Obama actually is serious about getting rid of nuclear weapons, his idiocy will result in WWIII and be the death of us all. And for that he gets a Peace Prize?

reposted from Salon