Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mike Malloy's Anti-Obama Rant

Paul Peete at HuffPo wrote the following about some comments that Mike Malloy made on his radio show...

"The first traitor to the Democratic Presidential nominee with a national microphone made his move to support McCain and urge others to do so. On his radio show , billed as "Speaking Truth to Power," Mike Malloy abandoned all progressive logic as he spent his entire show in a rant against Barack Obama to the amazement of listeners and those who have heard him push for Obama's election. Citing Obama's vote in favor of the FISA law and change of heart on allowing off-shore drilling, Malloy said that Obama would not be able to bring about the change that he has championed and that those who follow him through eight years of failure will allow the Republican fascism to point to that failure as evidence that the government the Republicans have put in place by the Bush/Cheney cannot be undone.

To satisfy his predominantly progressive audience's need to have him not completely go GOP, Malloy stated that he wants Americans to elect a Democratic Congress so that they can have a veto proof majority for, in his reasoning, the President does not pass laws and does not declare wars. So where has he been burying his head while Bush/Cheney set in motion all of the predicates for the current energy gouging and war on a nation that neither attacked us, nor had the capability of doing so.
I never heard of Paul Peete, but I know Mike Malloy, and he is no "traitor" to progressive or liberal causes. His comments about Obama are NOT being correctly interpreted by Peete -- I assume deliberately or as a consequence of his lack of mental acuity.
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Malloy is simply taking the long view -- something that the justifiably disillusioned yet over-excited liberal dreamers seem incapable of doing. Obama will fail, and he will fail on many levels, this is his intended role in the great American political psycho-drama as written by the oligarchy.

When I say fail, I mean fail in the sense that he will NOT bring about change, there is no "hope", in fact, I have not heard him say anything that makes me think that there will be change -- nor has he said anything that would give me "hope" -- unless you consider his promises to support Israel unconditionally and to bomb Iran and Pakistan unless they bend to his will, hopeful.

Americans are being suckered again. Obama will change nothing, the depth, breadth and extent of the problems facing America, exceed his capacity to correct, even if we accept the dubious premise that he actually wants to.

Electing McSame with a Dem majority in the House and Senate -- as Mike Malloy suggests, is in fact the best way forward; it's the long view, it's the smart approach -- it is not "traitorous" Mr. Peete, have you even listened to single hour of Mike Malloy's show?