Saturday, September 20, 2008

John McCain's "serious but so far undisclosed ailments"

According to the erstwhile journalist Eric Margolis, a close friend of McCain's has revealed that McCain has a serious undisclosed illness. Completely unsurprisingly, given the control the oligarchy has over the MSM, you will be hard pressed to find another reference to this report in the corporate media - this despite the fact that the health of a Presidential candidate, is an important issue. Now if his choice for VP was someone competent, serious and intelligent, the fact that he will probably die in office -- might not be so troubling. But as has been amply documented elsewhere, Foxy Palin is an intellectual lightweight, has no relevant experience and has extreme religious beliefs -- there is also very troubling evidence of corruption and a strong tendency toward authoritarianism.

Foxy's relative merits aside, it is bizarre in the extreme that roughly half of America is considering McCain as President. We live in an increasingly complex, technological world, yet McCain does not use a computer! I could not imagine running my business or even my personal life without a computer, yet McCain wants us to believe he can run the country/planet using quill pens, tom tom drums, and carrier pigeons!

McCain's gaffes about the "country"of Czechoslovakia et al, his history as a Viet Cong mouthpiece, (his VC nickname was "Songbird"), his health, his history as a member of the Keating five, and his untreated Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome are extremely troubling, in fact they should be giant red flags to any thinking American. And now we have this interview with Spanish television that shows a man not fit to run a hardware store.

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