Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prosecute George Bush for Murder -- New Site Sends Bugliosi Book to Federal Prosecutors

Vincent Bugliosi, the man who prosecuted Charlie Manson, says in his new book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" that any Federal DA who has a soldier in his district who has been killed in Iraq, has a perfectly good case for murder given that buhs lied America into war. Unsurprisingly, no DA in America has had the decency, sense, or the gumption to do so. Fed up with this lack of action, Bob Alexander has set up a web site where you can buy a copy of Vinnie's book and have it sent to one of the 2700 federal prosecutors in America in the hope, (faint?) that one of them will get up on their hind legs and take a run at it. It's farking brilliant. We'll see what happens.

If you want to contribute -- please visit the site. Your $15 may be the $15 that finally brings a monster -- who is in the same league as Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein... to justice.

Sept. 20, 2008

Vermont Candidate Pledges to Prosecute Bush

By Greg Guma, Maverick Media, Toward Freedom

Charlotte Dennett, who entered the race for Vermont Attorney General this week, readily admits that it will be an uphill battle. But the Vermont Progressive Party’s candidate does have one thing going for her – an issue with the potential to mobilize voters upset about the Iraq War. At her first press conference, sitting next to renowned prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi, she pledged to prosecute George W. Bush for murder if elected and appoint Bugliosi as a special pros.ecutor to take on the job

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