Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talk is cheap

In general, I think Americans are too preoccupied by what people 'say' and not enough by reality. Perhaps this is a by-product of the culture of personality. Perhaps a by-product of television, of living vicariously, of virtual realities.
Whatever the case, I see the slippery slide back into the entire paradigm of the matrix whenever that SOB opens his mouth. The entire western world is still peeing their pants because, in part, this bum is a black man.

MLK on the other hand is someone we like not because he's a black man, but because he spoke truth and truth is always informative and educational. Obama is NOT informative and educational.

If Obama wants to describe the workings of some aspect of the universe, great, but it's not a speech then, but an education, a talk, whatever. If you want to talk about North American indigenous having no defense against Eurasian microbes such that they were 90% dead by the time the English and Dutch were landing on what is now the East Coast of the US, then fine. But you can't do that and hem and haw about phrasing and pleasing crowds and selling agendas etc and call it educational (even if it contains some educational items).

Obama is disgusting. Every time he opens his mouth he's disgusting. He mentions MLK and he's a whore, exploiting another black man for his own ends. He makes a point of using MLK's bible for the oath and it's a sheer abortion of what MLK was about.

So the devil can quote scripture. Good for him. He's still a fucking liar.

I prefer Bush speeches, because no one with any interior lighting could possibly be fooled into enjoying his speeches. He was a cretin and a scoundrel and when he opened his mouth, it was obnoxious and disgusting. IOW, his speeches were exactly what they looked like.

Hitler DID give good speeches. He was also charming to a fault and extraordinarily likable. He loved dogs, he was sensitive and gentle, he had incredible charisma. Can you imagine radio programming today waxing on and on about Hitler all day long without so much as a qualification? Stalin too. I once wanted to mention that Stalin had taken a famine ridden agrarian nation of immense size and turned it into a world industrial power in the space of one decade and the company I was in would not even allow me to say it.

Just today I was in an email conversation about how the Italian socialist paper John Pilger writes for stopped using his stuff after Obama was elected, for the first time ever. And in this exchange, I learned that in Spain too, the "otherwise utterly lucid Spanish newspaper - P├║blico – had a headline stressing that Obama had chosen someone distinguished for his criticism of the Bush Administration torture policies. John Fucking Brennan!"

So, honestly, I want to know, just how long does this prick's honeymoon last?

I'm no historian to begin with, but even if I were, I could not have the historical perspective at present to know who was the greatest destroyer of America - that is, the America of values, of Jefferson, of Madison, of Thomas Paine - - Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama. But right now, without that perspective, my money is on Obama. 
So, amidst all this talk about Obama's speechifying, all I can do is quote that well worn phrase from film and fiction, Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining. 

I hope his wife is proud of America NOW.


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