Monday, September 10, 2012


A procession of the damned.

By the damned, I mean the excluded. 
We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded. 
- opening lines of The Book of the Damned, by Charles Fort

This is a place for those who are being "moderated" at The Guardian in the increasingly ironically named "Comments are Free" section, in particular at Glenn Greenwald's section.

If you think your comment may be deleted, please keep a copy and post it here. Anyone interested in seeing what the deleted comment was may do so here.

Just post it as a regular comment with any relevant information or data that you care to append.

Anything goes except for:  any criticism of me, my nose, the Guardian, Glenn Greenwald or Israel. Bad mouthing cats is also not appreciated.

Okay, I am kidding.

Good luck and good commenting!


1 comment:

Flying Duchy and the Catenoid Rebellion said...

Well then.

I feel like an idiot now.

In any case, the problem still stands for both of us, how to tell anyone? My brainwave today was to tell you, but having located your blog its pretty obvious you're in the same boat here. I suppose Vast Left's offer still stands too.

Where to go from here? Obviously the problem is to get the word out to enough commenters to matter without roping in GG in the process.