Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obama the Hypocrite

Earlier this year, the Obama refused in court to release videos or photographs related to the killing of Bin Laden, on the grounds that they were too secret to release and would be a threat to national security. Typical of Der US courts, these days, acquiesced to those arguments and dismissed the suit, arguing "the release of the images and/or videos 'reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.'"

And yet, ever since that day, the administration has been a non stop treasure trove of leaks about that killing, so as to enhance the image of the deep dark heroic and courageous image of the profound contemplative president, even though the white house has behaved unprecedentedly ruthless and obsessed with prosecuting whistle blowers who shine a light on wrong doing.

Worse, since that day also, Hollywood film makers sat down with administration and military personnel for detailed information for the purposes of producing a major blockbuster film about the event, to be released in sept or oct of this year, just in time for the election, to show Oboob in the light of being a real all American macho warrior. There was such a furore over how this could influence the election, they postponed the release of the film until December. But obviously, not the trailers. So I wonder how many times you'll see this and other trailers of the movie between now and November. This may be #1:

And now we learn that one of the seals has written a book detailing the raid that is too secret and vital to national security to be demanded in court, which will be ready for release in September, ample time to embed the presidential heroism in the public mind. It's written under a pseudonym, but contains so much auto-biographical references that anyone with access to confidential military records could determine who it is faster than you can say Bradley Manning. Gee, I wonder if he too will be put in isolation - torture, according to international law - for two years and forced to stand at attention every morning stark naked for roll call like Bradley Manning was. Somehow, I don't think so.

It's embarrassing how much American rulers have come to resemble a bunch of thugs at an organized crime summit meeting.

* My inspiration here is Glenn Greenwald's essay on the subject, so check out his piece for a more detailed and well sourced commentary along similar lines:

The Bin Laden raid exposes the Obama administration's selective secrecy
The White House punishes whistleblowers even as it permits flattering leaks. So which will it be for a Navy Seal's new book? - Glenn Greenwald


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