Sunday, May 26, 2013

"No Comment" at The Guardian on the London attack

The Guardian has, for "legal" reasons, deleted all comments on the murder of Machine Gunner Rigby, or as they call him, "Drummer" Rigby at Glenn Greenwald's column, They have gone on to disable ALL commenting on any article relating to the Woolwich murder, making a mockery if not a travesty -- out of their misnamed "Comment is Free" section.

The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald on security and liberty issues has posted this explanation of sorts.

For reasons I'll let the Guardian explain, all of the comments to all of the columns and articles posted on the London attack were deleted, and the comment sections then closed. I hope that won't happen to today's column here, as the topics discussed here are not really about the attack but the broader debate about terrorism. But it's possible that it will happen again. Those wanting to post comments should be aware of this possibility before spending your time and energy to write one. - Green Greenwald
In England, which resembles Orwell's "Air Strip One" more and more each day, several people have been charged with making "malicious" social media comments. I find this bizarre and wrong. That's something the Americans got right, free speech!
Since The Guardian has seen fit to end all discussion of this event I thought I would open this space for anyone who wishes to comment on Greenwald's two latest posts. (or anything else relevant)
Comment is free. 

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