Sunday, January 27, 2008

Romney Gets Some Help

In the Jan 24th repub debate, Russert asks Romney the Robot if he would do what Ronald Reagan did for social security in 1983? It's a trick question - because to answer it of course you have to know what raygun did in 83. Just before the man in the magic underwear answers, you can clearly hear someone say, "he raised taxes, I'm not gonna".

Never mind it was not Ronald Reagan who raised taxes, it was congress - back in the day when there was a congress. Remember those days?

Obviously this was someone helping him using a wireless device.

For comparison here is a picture of the decider and his little transceiver that he wore the 2004 debates.

The analysis was done by one of the top NASA image specialists, and he concluded that shub was WIRED. More, proof as if we needed it, that Bush is a pawn, a "Mechanical Turk", only stupider.

Here is a little something from Raw Story about the 04 debate. Look at the transcript and tell me that Chimpsky wasn't hearing "the voices" again.

"In the second debate, Bush went off the rails, again in a way that suggests remote coaching. According to the rules, each candidate answers questions in turn. The one to whom the question is addressed gets two minutes to reply, and his opponent gets ninety seconds to rebut. At the moderator's discretion, there may be a one-minute extension, providing each candidate an additional thirty seconds on each question.

At one point, when Bush had taken a question, and Kerry had delivered a spirited rebuttal, moderator Charlie Gibson decided to extend the session. But he had trouble getting the words out, as Bush leapt up and leaned into his face, repeatedly demanding the very extension that Gibson was attempting, without success, to offer him.

Kerry: "We're gonna build alliances; we're not gonna go unilaterally [into war]; we're not gonna go alone, like this President did."

Gibson: "Mr. President, let's extend for one minute..."

Bush: "Lemme just one question; I, I gotta answer this."

Gibson: "Exactly, and with reservists being held on duty..."

Bush: "Let, let me just answer this, what he said about goin' alone."

Gibson: "Well, I wanted to get into the issue."

Bush: "You tell Tony Blair we're goin' alone. Tell Tony Blair we're goin' alone. Tell Servio Belisconi we're goin' alone..."

A fair reading of the scene would have Bush's remote coach urging him to respond at that moment, with enough vehemence to distract the President from what was happening right before his eyes. "You've got to respond to that - you can't let it go. He's insulting our allies," we can imagine the coach saying. And we can imagine Bush getting flustered to the point that he failed to grasp what the moderator was trying to tell him."

Of course there is a Rational explanation for the voices. It was Jesus.

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