Sunday, January 27, 2008

All the News

Lately I have been checking the "top stories" on FOX news. On a week when human beings with a heart and a mind are thinking about the Israeli tactics in Gaza and 300,000 people being forced from their homes to find food, medicine and to take their sick to hospital in Egypt; the fools who get their "news" from Fox were reading about a naked Sarah Michelle Gellar, whoever she is, and "humanoid" figures on Mars.

Not one, not a single "most popular" story, is remotely important to our society. It is sickening, truly sickening. Where is the outrage about Gaza? Where are the 935 lies of bush?

Maybe, just maybe, when the coming war is over, and the survivors emerge from the rubble - humanity will see the light. More likely, they will shrug, pick up a stick, and start beating their neighbor - just because he's a Jew, or an Arab... or an American.

I just hope that after we are gone, the dolphins will do a better job. I am sure that they will!

Top ten most viewed stories on FOX web site.

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