Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sibel Edmonds on Mike Malloy, 911 bombshell, Bin Laden worked for the west

Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator, and some say the "most gagged woman in America" has just revealed on the Mike Malloy show, to guest host Brad Friedman, that Osama Bin Laden had "intimate relations" with the intelligence community right up to 911.

Lots wrong with that picture.

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Actual interview here:


bystander.again said...

Egregiously off topic... but, for those who spend far too much time on a bicycle:

Funny Because It's True

Gary_7vn said...

Wow, way egregiously off topic, but that's okay because I say so and it's my blog! LOL

I hate cars. People think that is odd because the "love" their cars so much. I enjoyed the cartoons as they capture the essence of being a bicyclista perfectly. Biking is certainly very dangerous. You probably missed it, but the former Attorney General of Ontario just got arrested for a hit and run involving a bicyclist. The case is big news here, the cyclist wound up hanging off the side of the car, as the driver tried to rub him off by driving into the adjoining lane and into trees and mailboxes.

His story is that there was an accident and the biker tried to attack him, which may even be true. The police are busy digging up dirt on, you guessed it, the victim. He "might have been drinking!" OMG! So it's okay to kill him then? I guess so.

Earlier this summer, a van, ran over 5 bicycles who were actually in a bike lane. He just came right up behind and plowed right through them at 60k! One died 3 are still in hospital and one has been released. The driver has been charged with dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Thanks for stopping by.

bystander.again said...

I know... I'm really bad for being that far off in left field. I scoured your website for an email addy but didn't find one. If I had, I'd have sent it to you directly. I started to poke it in Glenn's threads, but thought I'd check for an email link here first.. and, when I got here, just said, what the heck. My apologies.

That is a freaky story about the former AG. Jeebus! Couple of serious car-bike accidents in Colorado this summer, but none with the malicious intent you've described. People just go batshit insane. Stay safe, will ya!

Thanks for your patience. If you want to offer an email so the next time I have this overwhelming hankering to share some random bike related link to you, I can send it directly to you... you can find me at: bystander DOT again AT gmail. Or, if not, I'll pollute Glenn's threads instead ... or, maybe even exercise some restraint!
What a concept.

Thanks for your forbearance.

- bystander