Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Songs of Death"

Anyone who is interested in clear-headed, rational, yet compassionate writing on the world, pre-apocolypse, should be reading this blog:

Read this post! As each day passes, and the probability of his ascension to the emperor's cat bird seat increases, the mask drops a little more.

I had had "hope" for Obama, but there is little hope now. My utter loss of faith in this man began with his obsequies at AIPAC, less than 24 hours after his presumptive nomination, and it ended with his support for the neutering of the 4th Amendment via the FISA "compromise" bill that gives law breaking telecoms immunity from civil suit and Buhs everything he wants.

It is clear now, to anyone who is awake, that Gore Vidal is right, that there is only one party in America, and that is the party of the oligarchy, and Obama simply the latest slave to their hegemonic dreams. The Democrats and the Republicans exist simply to keep illusion of a Democratic Republic alive in the minds of the few Americans still paying any attention at all.

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