Friday, February 01, 2008

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary

Sen. Hillary Clinton said this:

"I believe that it is abundantly clear that the case that was outlined on behalf of going to the resolution -- not going to war, but going to the resolution -- was a credible case. I was told personally by the White House that they would use the resolution to put the inspectors in ... Some people now think that this was a very clear open-and-shut case. We bombed them for days in 1998 because Saddam Hussein threw out inspectors."

Does Everything go Down the Memory Hole Now?

Hans Blix and other inspectors said many many times that Saddam was cooperating with the inspectors! I remember! Saddam was in fact, extremely cooperative.

Why would Saddam have not cooperated? HE DID NOT HAVE WMD! Even though the US sold him the precursor chemicals for nerve gas. So logically he had nothing to lose by cooperating. He knew the gun was pointed at his head.

All this was widely reported in what left of the free press at the time, and was certainly on the Internets.

And Hilary knew all that, and she knows the inspectors were not impeded when she voted for the war. This is not true, many of us knew that the WMD stories were lies, even at the time. If H. Clinton was not in possession of the facts then she is stupid and uninformed, if she actually accepted the story as told by Bush and Cheney - then she is dangerously naive. On the other hand if she knew the facts and voted to kill one million people, beggar the treasury, all the while making the United States the world's leading outlaw nation - then she is plain evil.

No one can hide something like a chemical weapons factory, not anymore. If Saddam had had anything the US would have the address, the telephone number, and the name of the guy running the plant.

Her husband, obviously with her assent, since she is so "strong", attacked and destroyed what he said was a chemical weapons plant in the Sudan 3 days before the Monica hearings. Some of us, "knew" that it was in fact a pharmaceutical factory even at the time. Since Sudan was under American led sanctions at the time, they were unable to produce enough medicines to treat their sick, and thousands, perhaps 10's of thousands of the vulnerable, mostly the old, and the young died as result.

Here is the official bullshit line as it was reported then.

And here is the truth as we now know it.

Even Bill now admits it was a mistake, would that his wife had his balls. And I don't mean in a jar.

If you want more war, more death, more hatred toward America, plus a completely deadlocked congress and senate, compounded by a screaming, raging, right wing noise machine, by all means vote for Hilary.

At least Obomba has no blood on his hands - yet. But we can always hope that he will follow through on his callow, cowardly and near insane threats to bomb Waziristan, that's in Pakistan, a country with real WMD.

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